How to Clean Water Filter?

Purchasing equipment to remove contaminants from the water, many people wonder - whether it should be cleaned, and if so, how. In this article, we will show you how to clean a water filter. This equipment is conventionally divided into several categories depending on its size, purpose, type of pollutant exposure, etc. 


How to clean the water filter

Trunk equipment must be washed - we are talking about the case. You won't need to use any special cleaning products - a little soapy water, and therefore rinse well. Therefore, there should be no problems with what to wash the water filter. There are no problems with mesh or disk mechanical filters - they keep suspended particles. Some types of equipment have a special option of draining the accumulated pollutants into the sewerage system. After opening the additional tap on the model body, the flushing of the body is started and the filter is cleaned. 


Multistage cleaning systems

The multistage systems themselves are not washable, but individual types of cartridges can be cleaned. In general, all cartridges are divided into three categories:

  • cleanable;

  • upgradable;

  • and disposable cartridges that cannot be cleaned.


Let's take a brief look at the main types of cartridges used in modern systems:

  • polypropylene cartridges - they are not subject to cleaning and are replaced with new cartridges at the end of their service life;

  • coal - are not subject to cleaning, and at the end of their service life are changed to new cartridges;

  • ion-exchange cleaners of Fe type - are also changed to new ones;

  • ion-exchange resins - are regenerated, i.e., purification ability is restored after washing with salt solution;

  • membranes - are not cleaned, but changed to new ones.


As you can see, it is important not only to wash the filters, but also to monitor the service life of the cartridges. This is the only way you will get really clean and drinkable water. Some systems have a kind of counter that can be used to determine the lifetime of the cartridge and the date of its replacement. If there is no counter, you need to remember the dates or make notes, set reminders on your cell phone. 

By the way, late replacement leads to the fact that the cartridges not only stop purifying water, but make it even dirtier. You can buy ink cartridges for any type of filters on the company's website There are many models in the catalog.